Thursday, December 6, 2012

I'll wait for you #70

*PS: Get your tissues ready*
You: Of course I will sing with you! Thanks so much Austin!
He hugged me and after that long hug, he looked me in the eyes.
Austin: Why are you crying?
You: It's just amazing... I was a normal girl living my own life, and in a blink of an eye I'm with Austin Mahone making a song as couple. It's unreal for me, I'm sorry.
Austin: It's unreal to me too. Everything happened so fast, but I'm glad to be here with you. I can't imagine my whole life without you.
He looked me in the eyes again smiling and, with his thumb, he wiped the tears of my cheek. He slided his hand from my cheek to the back of my neck, and we came closer to each other. I laughed a little and he did the same. He closed his eyes and we came closer to each other. I closed my eyes too, and our lips touched. It was like magic, cause they fitted perfectly and we were so connected to each other. During the kiss, all that came on my mind was all the good moments that we shared during all this time. He pulled himself away but after we both opened our eyes, he smiled at me and came closer again. We couldn't stop kissing, and he laughed a little bit too. It was the sweetest kiss we have ever had. We both ourselves away after a while.
Austin: I'm glad to have you in my life.
You: Me too, more than you can imagine.
We stand there a little more, and something came to Austin's mind.
Austin: Do you know what we forgot? We have 20 minutes till Christmas.
You: I totally forgot about that. We need to go home!
Austin: Let's go gorgeous, follow me.
We got home and everyone was at the living room.
Mama: 10 minutes to midnight! Come here!
They were all sitting at the couch with blankets and talking, and Mama brought all of us hot chocolate, so we just waited till Christmas there next to the tree.
My mom: 10, 9, 8, 7...
Everyone: 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... Merry Christmas!
Everyone got up from the couch and started to hug each other saying Merry Christmas, and while I was doing the same, Austin got my hand and pulled me away from everyone.
You: Where are we going?
Austin: Exactly here.
He looked up, and when I did the same, we were under the mistletoe. He started to sing really quiet so no one could hear ( ). He ended the song, looking at me smiling. He kissed me deeply and long, and all the family did that chorus saying "Awww". I laughed and he did the same. I opened my eyes and everyone was smiling at us.
Mama: That's sweet! Merry Christmas everyone.
We all hugged. It felt like a truth family.
Mama: Well, what have you guys done at the park?
You: I showed her my new song, I wanna put it in the album.
My mom: Well, let's hear it!
You: It's actually a duet...
Austin: And she's gonna sing with me! I'm gonna get my guitar!
My mom: Oh my gosh, that's amazing *Your Name*! I love you, congrats!
Austin came back and we sang the song "Beautiful" again, but this time as a duet. After we hang out a little more and talked about lots of things, I went to Austin's bedroom. We laid on his bed looking at each others eyes. He kissed me quickly.
Austin: You mean so much to me. I love you *Your Name*. Thanks for always being here for me. I'm never letting you go beautiful.

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