Sunday, December 2, 2012

I'll wait for you #69

He pulled himself away from my lips, even both of us wanting more. He smiled at me and I smiled at the ground. He kissed me quickly one more time, then he took my hand and we both got inside. The whole family was looking at me smiling so I kinda got blushed. Austin pulled my chair and we sat down.
Mama: I would like to make a little speech!
Austin: YOU GO MOM!
Mom: Well... I just wanted to say that we're all so happy for you *Your Name*, and I'm glad you're part of our family with your lovely mom and sister. Austin is lucky to have you and you did great tonight.
I stood up and hugged Mama.
Britanny (Sister): I wanna do a speech too!
Austin: Hehe, I heard that before.
Britanny: You did amazing and I'm proud of you. And I'm happy that you're with Austin cause he sings around the house all the time and he gives me skittles and subway cards!
You: Aww, I love you baby!
She runned to me and hugged me really hard. After that Austin stood on his knees and opened his arms for a hug. She ran to him and hugged him too and they both had the cutest smile on their faces ever. The food came and I was sitting next to Austin with his arms on my tights. He feed me on the mouth with pasta at the funniest and cutest way ever, so I did the same. My mom kept looking at me with a smile like if she was happy for me. My sister and I made big straws to drink the coke so it was pretty fun. After the dinner, Austin told me he wanted some alone time with me. Everyone got in the car and Austin asked Dave to stop near a beautiful park. It was night and the stars were shining really bright in the sky. Austin opened the trunk of the car and took a blanket and a guitar out of there. He opened the door for me and we started to walk inside the park.
Austin: Do you know why I brought my guitar and this blanket with me?
You: To be honest, no but I have a guess.
Austin: It's kinda obvious haha. Let's stop here.
We stood in the grass next to a big tree and, after we putted the blanket down, we sat in it and Austin grabbed his guitar.
Austin: I have a surprise for you... I wrote this after we fighted and I'm thinking about putting it on the album. But well... I'm gonna play it now okay?
You: Of course.
He started to play an amazing melody and the song was called "Beautiful" (Imagine like it was from Austin and only one person singing, and then listen to this: ). It sounded so perfect, and he kept singing till the end of it. I was with a tear rolling down my face. When he finished I was smiling at him and he did the same with me.
Austin: Do you liked it?
You: I'm speechless. It's an amazing song. You need to put that on the album. I really don't know what to say. I love you so much.
Austin: You're beautiful and you take all the credits for my inspiration. I wanted to make it a duet to put on the album actually...
You: That's a great idea! You could call Taylor Swift or maybe even Demi Lovato or you could...
Austin: I want you.
You: Doing what?
Austin: Singing with me. I don't need any famous singer to sing this. If I'm not singing with you, then I'm never going to sing it again.
You: Austin, I don't think I can... I'm not that great and I know it's...
Austin: The producers loved the idea, and they wanna hear it. Please. You don't want me to stop singing this right? We need to sing it. Together. Please, I beg you.
I didn't know what to say. I had tears on my face and he was looking at me with the happiest face in the world. I was speechless and shocked at the same time.


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