Saturday, June 16, 2012

I'll wait for you #13

You, Austin and Mama Mahone are at the airport waiting for the plane when Austin says:
Austin: Oh, wait... Where is that letter ? That one of the girl at your school ?
You: I don't know... I think you lefted it in the limo...
Austin: I need that letter! Mom, can you call the limo service to ask for that letter ? I need it!
Michele: It will take to much time... They will keep it, relax...
Austin: No mom, I need it. She's a fan and she doesn't deserve to wait... Pleaaaaaseeee *cutie face*
Michele: Ok ! Ok ! I will try my best !
You: Austin... That's so cute. Really.
Austin: I deserve a kiss after that ?
You: Do you remember what happened last time we did that ? You have jumped over your mom !
Austin: Ok...
Michele on the phone: "Ok, so you can come back again ? Thank you so much!"
Austin: Soooooo...
Michele: They are coming, relax.
The limo arrives at the door and Austin come out again. He enters the limo, get the letter and all the mahomies are like "OWWWNN" and then he take more pictures and the plane finally arrives. The three of you enters on the plane and Austin seats next to you and Mama Mahone next to him. He reads the letter to you whispering:
"Dear Austin. Probably you won't read this. I love you so much, but I fell like I'm nothing to anybody. You are the only thing that keeps me breathing. I've been trying to kill myself for a long time. You don't care. Thanks for your time."
You: Wow, I would never imagined it. That's too much for a ten years old girl.
Austin: I know. I have to talk to her.
You: I just have the biggest idea ever. How about you sing to her ? At school maybe... She's in the choir class.
Austin: That's why I love you.
Austin kisses you quickly and Michele don't notice it. He do it again a few more times but then she says:
Michele: I can't see but I can hear.
Austin looks at her with a embarrassed face. She hugs him:
Austin: Ok mom, that's enough... We get it...
Austin to you: I can't believe my first concert is sold out. It's insane. I wish I could do a Meet & Greet with all the mahomies in the world.
Michele: Have you ever imagine yourself with a sold out concert ?
Austin: In my dreams.

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