Friday, June 15, 2012

I'll wait for you #12

After packing, Austin get your baggage and takes it to the living room. You mom is there talking to Michele:
Mom: Ready to go ?
You: Are you going to mom ?
Mom: No! I trust Austin... well, actually I trust more in Michele ! haha, do you want me to go baby ? Cause I can buy a airplane ticket and we met there and then we...
You: Mom! Relax... I'm safe !
Mom: I hope so...
Michele: Let's get going ?
Austin: I'm ready !
You: Waaait ! Austy, a girl in school tell me to give you this letter. She's a mahomie and loves you...
Austin: That's cute... I will read it in the plane ok ?
You: Ok !
After all the goodbyes from your mom, Michele, Austin and you enters the limo and Austin screams:
The driver puts on the radio and it's playing You and Me. Austin grabs your hand and sing it to you. Mama Mahone pretend she's on twitter at her phone but she's actually smiling. You starts to smile and in the middle of the song Austin kisses you.
Michele: Oh, oh... Stop this kissing session right now! We are in a car !
Austin: Are you jealous mom ? LET ME LOVE YOU TOOOO!
Austin goes next to Mama Mahone and starts to kiss her in the cheek desperately:
You: Austin ! Stop it ! You are crazy boy !
Austin: Now you are jealous too ?
You: Nooo, control yourself !
Austin makes a sad and cute face and gets back to his seat. He put his earphones and share one of them with you. The music on is "Down To Earth" by Justin Bieber. His eyes are full of tears but they didn't come out:
Michele: Austin... What happened baby ?
Austin: Nothing mom... You know how I felt about this song...
Michele: I know you miss your dad... But he is in your heart and you know it... And you have a beautiful family, fans and now you have *your name*. We love you...
Austin: Thanks mom... I love you and she too...
The car arrives to the airport and there are already about 20 girls waiting for Austin. Austin take pictures with them, and you and Michele does the same. A half hour later everyone gets in the airport.

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