Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'll wait for you #16

You three arrive at the concert and the rehearsals begins. Mama Mahone is with her ayes full of tears:
You: You too ? I tought I was the only one crying remembering how far he had come :)
Michele: Well, look at this. I remember when he told me he was going to get famous no matter how. He made it.
You: You two made it. Can you imagine how he would be without you ?
Michele hugs you and whispers "Thank You". Austin notice and he smiles. After the rehearsals you and the Mahones (I like it) go to the Olive Garden. Austin get a text from Alex:
"Whats up ? Me and Sarah want to go to your concert tonight... Is there rooms in the hotel ?"
Austin answers: "Of course, I will check it for you two. Well, my mom will. Happy that you are coming :D"
Back to the stage, you are talking to the DJ and then Austin comes in:
Austin: Oh waait... What are doing to my girl ? She's mine, not yours. Mine. Just mine.
Dj: It's not happening anything, I swear...
Austin: Omg! You almost peed yourself! Haha! I can beat you any time !
Dj: No, I was... Forget it...
Austin: I will need a prove that you weren't cheating on me...
You: What's on your mind ?
Austin: Maybe a kiss could help *puppy face*.
Austin gives you a little kiss. And then other, and other, and other...
Dj: Ok kids ! I don't think Michele will approve this ! Stop it right here.
Austin: I can kiss her any time I want.
You: No you can't. Just when I let it.
Austin: When you don't let it ?
You: Now! Ok, go back to your rehearsals sweetheart.
Austin: WAIT !
He pulls you close to him, and you look deep on his eyes and he kisses you.
Michele: Agaain ? You must be really in love right ?
You: Sorry...
Austin: Sorry Mama.
After the rehearsals, all the family and you go back to the hotel. Alex and Sarah are on the plane.
Austin: Mom! I forgot something ! Alex and Sarah are coming too! We have to get them rooms.
Michele: Baby, there are just one room available...
Austin: I know. You in the first room. Me and *your name* on the second room, and Alex and Sarah on the third room.
Michele: You two have to promise me that nothing will happen.
Austin: For me, I promise.
You: Yeah, you can trust me Michele. I will take care of your baby.
Michele: If that's so. Ok. But your room will be "connected" to Alex room.
Austin: That means we can jump on the beds ! YEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Michele: NOOOO. You have to behave.
Alex and Sarah arrives the hotel and they let their bags on the room.

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