Thursday, January 3, 2013


Hey guys! I know it's been a while since I haven't posted but I wanted to let you all know that I'm gonna start to write a new fanfic!!! How awesome is that? Haha!
I'm gonna leave this blog cause it's too confusing to go back to old chapter and to help you all I created a account at Wattpad and it's much easier and pretty awesome too!
To read my new fanfic, you just need to click here: and you can start to read it!
Ps: I'm gonna start at 04/01/2013 so stay tuned!
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Thursday, December 6, 2012

I'll wait for you #70

*PS: Get your tissues ready*
You: Of course I will sing with you! Thanks so much Austin!
He hugged me and after that long hug, he looked me in the eyes.
Austin: Why are you crying?
You: It's just amazing... I was a normal girl living my own life, and in a blink of an eye I'm with Austin Mahone making a song as couple. It's unreal for me, I'm sorry.
Austin: It's unreal to me too. Everything happened so fast, but I'm glad to be here with you. I can't imagine my whole life without you.
He looked me in the eyes again smiling and, with his thumb, he wiped the tears of my cheek. He slided his hand from my cheek to the back of my neck, and we came closer to each other. I laughed a little and he did the same. He closed his eyes and we came closer to each other. I closed my eyes too, and our lips touched. It was like magic, cause they fitted perfectly and we were so connected to each other. During the kiss, all that came on my mind was all the good moments that we shared during all this time. He pulled himself away but after we both opened our eyes, he smiled at me and came closer again. We couldn't stop kissing, and he laughed a little bit too. It was the sweetest kiss we have ever had. We both ourselves away after a while.
Austin: I'm glad to have you in my life.
You: Me too, more than you can imagine.
We stand there a little more, and something came to Austin's mind.
Austin: Do you know what we forgot? We have 20 minutes till Christmas.
You: I totally forgot about that. We need to go home!
Austin: Let's go gorgeous, follow me.
We got home and everyone was at the living room.
Mama: 10 minutes to midnight! Come here!
They were all sitting at the couch with blankets and talking, and Mama brought all of us hot chocolate, so we just waited till Christmas there next to the tree.
My mom: 10, 9, 8, 7...
Everyone: 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... Merry Christmas!
Everyone got up from the couch and started to hug each other saying Merry Christmas, and while I was doing the same, Austin got my hand and pulled me away from everyone.
You: Where are we going?
Austin: Exactly here.
He looked up, and when I did the same, we were under the mistletoe. He started to sing really quiet so no one could hear ( ). He ended the song, looking at me smiling. He kissed me deeply and long, and all the family did that chorus saying "Awww". I laughed and he did the same. I opened my eyes and everyone was smiling at us.
Mama: That's sweet! Merry Christmas everyone.
We all hugged. It felt like a truth family.
Mama: Well, what have you guys done at the park?
You: I showed her my new song, I wanna put it in the album.
My mom: Well, let's hear it!
You: It's actually a duet...
Austin: And she's gonna sing with me! I'm gonna get my guitar!
My mom: Oh my gosh, that's amazing *Your Name*! I love you, congrats!
Austin came back and we sang the song "Beautiful" again, but this time as a duet. After we hang out a little more and talked about lots of things, I went to Austin's bedroom. We laid on his bed looking at each others eyes. He kissed me quickly.
Austin: You mean so much to me. I love you *Your Name*. Thanks for always being here for me. I'm never letting you go beautiful.

THIS IS THE END! DO YOU GUYS LIKED THE FANFIC? Do you liked the end? I'm not gonna stop doing it, NEVER! I'm gonna start to do another one soon, so keep checking this blog! I'm glad to have so many readers and I hope you guys loved it. I putted lot of afford in it.
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Sunday, December 2, 2012

I'll wait for you #69

He pulled himself away from my lips, even both of us wanting more. He smiled at me and I smiled at the ground. He kissed me quickly one more time, then he took my hand and we both got inside. The whole family was looking at me smiling so I kinda got blushed. Austin pulled my chair and we sat down.
Mama: I would like to make a little speech!
Austin: YOU GO MOM!
Mom: Well... I just wanted to say that we're all so happy for you *Your Name*, and I'm glad you're part of our family with your lovely mom and sister. Austin is lucky to have you and you did great tonight.
I stood up and hugged Mama.
Britanny (Sister): I wanna do a speech too!
Austin: Hehe, I heard that before.
Britanny: You did amazing and I'm proud of you. And I'm happy that you're with Austin cause he sings around the house all the time and he gives me skittles and subway cards!
You: Aww, I love you baby!
She runned to me and hugged me really hard. After that Austin stood on his knees and opened his arms for a hug. She ran to him and hugged him too and they both had the cutest smile on their faces ever. The food came and I was sitting next to Austin with his arms on my tights. He feed me on the mouth with pasta at the funniest and cutest way ever, so I did the same. My mom kept looking at me with a smile like if she was happy for me. My sister and I made big straws to drink the coke so it was pretty fun. After the dinner, Austin told me he wanted some alone time with me. Everyone got in the car and Austin asked Dave to stop near a beautiful park. It was night and the stars were shining really bright in the sky. Austin opened the trunk of the car and took a blanket and a guitar out of there. He opened the door for me and we started to walk inside the park.
Austin: Do you know why I brought my guitar and this blanket with me?
You: To be honest, no but I have a guess.
Austin: It's kinda obvious haha. Let's stop here.
We stood in the grass next to a big tree and, after we putted the blanket down, we sat in it and Austin grabbed his guitar.
Austin: I have a surprise for you... I wrote this after we fighted and I'm thinking about putting it on the album. But well... I'm gonna play it now okay?
You: Of course.
He started to play an amazing melody and the song was called "Beautiful" (Imagine like it was from Austin and only one person singing, and then listen to this: ). It sounded so perfect, and he kept singing till the end of it. I was with a tear rolling down my face. When he finished I was smiling at him and he did the same with me.
Austin: Do you liked it?
You: I'm speechless. It's an amazing song. You need to put that on the album. I really don't know what to say. I love you so much.
Austin: You're beautiful and you take all the credits for my inspiration. I wanted to make it a duet to put on the album actually...
You: That's a great idea! You could call Taylor Swift or maybe even Demi Lovato or you could...
Austin: I want you.
You: Doing what?
Austin: Singing with me. I don't need any famous singer to sing this. If I'm not singing with you, then I'm never going to sing it again.
You: Austin, I don't think I can... I'm not that great and I know it's...
Austin: The producers loved the idea, and they wanna hear it. Please. You don't want me to stop singing this right? We need to sing it. Together. Please, I beg you.
I didn't know what to say. I had tears on my face and he was looking at me with the happiest face in the world. I was speechless and shocked at the same time.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'll wait for you #68

Austin: I believe in you *whispering and kissing me on the cheek*
Principal: It's Mrs. Mahone!
You: Is that me or...?
Austin: of course that's you wifey. Now go up there. It's your time to shine.
I went on the stage, and everyone was clapping their hands, screaming and standing up. I couldn't stop smiling, and Alice was looking at me and I could see that her lips were saying "You did it". Mama was also smiling and she and Austin were talking too. After I got off the stage and people congratulated me, everyone decided to go celebrate at OG (of course). I was super excited. On the way to OG, we separated in two cars. One was my mom, Mama and my sister and on Dave's were me, Austin and Dave. Austin was holding my hand and staring at me smiling.
You: Why are you doing this to me? I'm a mahomie remember? When you look at me like this I almost faint.
Austin: I'm gonna do this the whole day, and at morning when you wake up.
You: Dave, get my funeral ready.
Dave: That's horrible! Stop that LOL!
Austin: Killing me softly *singing*
You: Stop. It. Austin.
Austin: Okay *kisses me*
Dave: Let's turn the radio on!
The radio was playing "Give your heart a break" and Austin knew how much I was obsessed with Demi.
Austin: The day I first met you, you told me...
You: You'll never fall in love...
Austin and I kept going on this cutest duet ever till the end of the song.
Dave: Can we do it again? I can post it and maybe Demi would see it and...
Austin: If she saw it *Your Name* would die, literally.
You: I learned how to deal with a couple of my fangirling moments... But yeah.
Dave got the song on karaoke version and we sang it while he recorded it. It was the cutest thing ever. Austin's and my phone were blowing up with mentions, so we RTed some and when we got to OG's door, everyone was already there.
Mom: There's my baby!
My sister: *Hugs me* You're a great singer and mom showed us the duet of Demi with Austin.
You: Mom!
Mom: It's just that it was perfect, not my fault.
Austin: Especially your parts (;
You: I'm blushing...
Austin: OMG BABY. Guess what?
You: I don't know... What?
He showed me the trends on twitter and it had #DemiListenGYHABHere and people were tweeting the link to her like crazy. I couldn't believe that. I went on my mentions, and after refreshing it once more. It had this:
"@ddlovato Just heard a great cover with two amazing voices. Love you Austin and *Your Name* #StayStrong". Austin looked at me smiling and I couldn't believe that. I was bawling my eyes out and I couldn't even speak. My sister hugged me when I showed her and I was almost without air.
Mom: That reminds me from when you kissed Austin, haha (;
Austin: I was almost at the same way, to be honest *kissing me*
You: Here we go again.
The family went inside but Austin holded my hand and told me he needed to talk to me outside.
You: Why are we here?
Austin: I didn't have time to congratulate you...
You: For the Talent Show, you did it when...
Austin: *interrupts* About everything. I know it's hard to deal the haters because of us and school stuff and everything. You're amazing, and what's the best thing is that I putted yourself out the world because I helped you, and I feel really thankful because of it. You got through lots of things, but by the end of the day, you were always smiling and most of all, you never gave up on us.
You: I wouldn't be not even close from when I am now if it wasn't for you. Seriously, having you in my life was the best thing I could have asked for. I love you so much Austin, in every single way.
Austin: I have something for you, and it's really special.
He got this little box from his pocket. He looked at me with a smile and told me to close my eyes. I did, and he went behind me and putted this beautiful necklace on my neck, and it had a pendant heart like he signed his posters with, and it had another pendant with the heart I made. I couldn't say a word. It was beautiful. He just got closer to me and, when I realized, we were kissing. It felt like nothing else before, just the perfect way to end that moment.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

I'll wait for you #67

I started to cry and I didn't know what to do. I opened my eyes and Austin came to me running to hug me. I cried on his shoulders while he whispered "I love you, everything is gonna be alright. We will fix this okay?". He looked at me and I started to talk:
You: I can't do nothing about it! Let's go away.
Austin: No! You can sing other song and I can play the guitar for you!
You: Then I would win because of you! I only know how to play the piano!
Austin: Wait, do you know the lyrics and how to play "Chasing Cars"? Remember that I covered it for you?
You: Yeah... I guess that would work, but still...
Austin: No, let's go.
He brought the keyboard to me, kissed me and went back to his seat. After that Jasmine got out of the stage, she looked at me and laughed. I wanted to throw a brick at her face, but I didn't cause I controlled myself. I got the keyboard and a chair, and took a breathe and started to sing. I was really nervous, but while I sang people started to whisper some things and smile at me, and that made me feel so much confident. After the performance, everyone stood up and clapped their hands. I was with a huge smile on my face, and I got off the stage. More people performed and after that, it was time to vote. Everyone needed to go on a booth and place their votes. I was at the line with Austin's arms around me and Alice by my side. Even knowing I did it right, I was scared. Someone called Austin's name, and when we turned around it was Jasmine.
Jasmine: Hey Austin, I'm a huge fan. I wanted to apologize *your name* for using the same song. What a coincidence, right? Can you sign my shirt Austin?
Even when she apologized, it didn't sounded real. Austin looked at me smiling and I nodded with my head, even knowing it was fake. She handed him a pen, and when he was about to sign the space on her stomach, she got his hand and putted it almost on her boobs and he signed it. While he was signing, she looked at me like I was supposed to be jealous.
Austin: Here you go!
Jasmine: Can I take a picture with you?
Austin: Sure.
She holded her iPhone up and when she was about to take the picture, she kissed his cheek and took the picture. He awkwardly hugged her and she left.
Alice: Are you okay?
You: I just hate her so much.
Austin: What happened? Why are you like this?
You: You really don't see? She was rubbing you on my face acting like an idiot. Those apologies wasn't even 1% true.
Austin: I just can't let a fan down, you know that. I couldn't be rude you know?
You: Yeah, but she hates me so much, and I don't even know why.
Alice: She hates everyone actually. She hated Austin before you started to date him.
Austin: There's no reason to hate, cause you and *Your Name* are perfect and I don't even care about any haters anymore.
He smiled at both of us, and after going inside the booth it was time to announce the winner. We got on stage and I was so nervous.
Principal: There was 87% of votes for the winner. That's a real competition. And the winner, of this year's talent show is...


Thursday, November 22, 2012

I'll wait for you #66

At school, everybody was talking about the talent show, but no one knew that Austin was going to it. People asked me what song I was going to sing and what I was going to wear, and everybody was really excited, except for this girl called Jasmine, that was the most popular girl ever, even everyone not liking her. She is a really good singer but I wasn't there to win anyway. After school, Alice came with me again to Austin's place and we started to pick clothes to wear that night. Austin, Dave and Mama got home from the studio about one hour later, and I couldn't find anything to wear yet. Austin opened the door and came inside. He looked me in the eyes and said:
Austin: I'm sure you will do amazing today. You're amazing and everyone loves you.
Alice: Awwwwn!
I looked at her with a dirty look and she whispered "Opps". I looked at Austin again, smiled and he kissed me. After the kiss, I kept looking for clothes and he layed in the bed shirtless cause it was really hot, and I was almost dieing while he was looking at me that way.
Austin: Come with me, both of you.
You: Hmm, okay.
He holded my hand and pulled me to the living room, he looked at Dave and they winked each other. I looked at Alice suspected, and she kept following me. Austin went to the garage and we got to the car.
Alice: Where are we going?
Dave: Shopping spree!
Alice: Yes!
Austin: Ha ha (;
You: I can't! I don't want you spending money with me Austy...
Austin: I only got money to spend it with you, or it doesn't worth it.
You: Awwn, Austin!
Austin: And we can't forget Alice, right?
Alice: You really don't need *interrupts*
Austin: Listen to me. I will, now let's go Dave.
We drove to the mall and Austin stopped in every single store to ask me if I or Alice liked something. About half hour walking, I found this outfit ( ) but the shorts were really expensive. I kept staring at this and Austin noticed.
Austin: Do you want it baby?
You: This? Too expensive...
Austin: Let's buy it.
You: But Austin, you can't spend...
Austin: It worth to make my princess look beautiful, which she already is.
I smiled and him and we bought the shorts, that shirt and that purse. Alice choose something like this -pick what you like the most- ( ). Dave drove us back and after everyone was ready, me, Alice, Austin, Dave, Mama and my mom went to the school theater. I was the last one in the list, so we got there and people were in shock that Austin, Dave and Mama were there. The show started and I was backstage. It was Jasmine's time to go on stage. The melody started and after she started ti sing. I couldn't believe. She was singing my song. She was singing "Someone Like You". What I would do? I couldn't sing the same song as her.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

I'll wait for you #65

After the cutest hug ever, we decided to go inside.
Dave: Are you all ready to go to bed? I aaaaammm.
Austin: I'm not sleepy... Go sleep old Dave!
Dave: You're calling me old?
Austin agreed with his head and jumped on Dave's back. He started to punch him while Dave screamed, and me and Alice were just trying to save ourselves and laughing. Dave felt on the floor and Austin put his feet on Dave's rib and started to sing his new song: "Dave is girl, you can beat him up. He's not a bodyguard, but he needs one from me! Lalala!". I couldn't stop laughing, and after Dave stood up I yelled:
Austin: You're just jealous!
Austin came to me and hugged me really strong. With his arms, he lifted me in the air and positioned my ribs on his shoulders, like he had already done so many times. I was laughing that I couldn't even say something. He ran around the house with me like that, and when he got the hall, he gently putted me on the floor and got on top of me.
Austin: How does it feels?
You: Right now? Amazing.
He started to do push ups on the top of me, and every time he went down he kissed me. I tried to say something, but every time I started he kept kissing me. It lasted about 5 minutes, and when he finally stopped Dave and Alice were in the sofas watching Family Guy. Me and Austin joined, but about half an hour later, we all felt asleep. I slept in Austin's lap with my legs on Dave's lap, and he was with his head on Dave, and Alice was in the other couch layed down alone. We woke up, and since we didn't have school, I started to cook the breakfast. I made pancakes, syrup and waffles. I was going to do french toasts, but when I was preparing it, I felt someone's hand on my hips.
Austin: What are you doing gorgeous?
You: Cooking Mr. Handsome.
Austin: Let me help you. Go do something else.
I walked away and when I turned around Austin screamed "Hot ass guuurl". I winked at him and went to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. I could hear that they were all awake already so I went to the table and we talked and laughed while breakfast.
Austin: Btw, when is the talent show? You need to practice baby.
You: I FORGOT THAT! Omg, it's tomorrow! What should I sing?
Austin: Your voice would be awesome singing "Someone like You" by Adelle!
You: Are you sure? It's a hard song...
Austin: But you know the lyrics. I heard you singing in the car.
Dave: Me too. You have a great voice for that song!
You: Okay, where can I practice?
Austin: At my recording studio!
You: Your bedroom? But now you're signed...
Austin: Doesn't mean it's not my studio anymore.
I went there and started to sing. Austin had the melody on his computer, and he helped me with some details.  I felt ready to sing in front of everyone. We went to bed at night, and on the other day it was time to go to School, and at night we were going to the Talent Show.